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What They Will Remember

In the corner of a small house, nestled in the corner of a small big city, into two beds pushed into each corner of the room, a grandmother tucks two children under their covers.
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Kaite & The Long Winter (Or, How Kaite Saved the World from Queen Rona using Warmth, Kindness, and a Secret Handshake)

When Queen Rona curses the world to eternal winter, all it will take is a little warmth from a little girl to break the curse.
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Give a SnackSized Story as a Gift

I want to help you give a gift that will reach across the miles and wrap your loved ones in a warm hug, even if you can't.
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Our Love is a Superpower: A Story from Kayla to Ben

He knew the first moment he saw her that he wanted to share his life and his secret with her.
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A Mother Waits: A Story from a Son to a Mother

It's your birthday and I want to pick up the phone, but I don't. I want to call you and tell you the story I tell you every year. The story of how I waited and waited for my firstborn son to arrive. I could tell you how nervous we were when the pains started because no matter how prepared you think you are, everything becomes real with that first tugging. 
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“I don’t believe in hell,” I blurted. It was a half-shouted whisper, a hiss only audible to the person next to me—we were in a church […]
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The Super-Secret Summer Camp for Supernatural Kids

The kids at his camp love Mr. W while his own daughter barely knows him. Will a last-ditch attempt at connection save their relationship or hurt the camp?
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Sarah’s House

From the moment her tiny legs could carry her from the big house across the expanse of green grass and up the gravel path toward my […]
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The Exchange

Rich Easter only wants what he's owed. When he sells priceless information, the innocent pay.
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A Pest Problem

"It's moving?" "What is?" A couple's nightly routine is disturbed by curious noises.
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Hand-Me-Down Dreams

The reflection staring back at her is a stranger. The teased hair, thick makeup, and blue eyes under fake lashes should be familiar, she’s worn this […]
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A Warm Welcome

Drink morning coffee. Get mail. Wake up in cage. Not a great morning.
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The Problem With Humans

While Anton hunts for his missing daughter, tensions that have been slowly building come to a head around him.
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The Last Mermaid

When his life's work observing and recording the underwater activity of Merpeople has unintended consequences, Rich Easter just wants to live out the consequences of his actions in solitude. But a final job may offer a chance for redemption.
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A Birthday

Will a sobering birthday celebration be the first step on the road to redemption?
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The Dragon Killer

The penalty for killing a dragon was death, but when I killed one, I was granted eternal life.
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The Last Cry

A woman is haunted by her husband's nightly visits into the bedroom of their deceased child.
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The Date

You can find second chances at any age.
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The Halfway House

Pearl lives between two worlds. Together, she and her father help others trying to get from this world to the next.
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The Guardians of Willow

A child born from war finds under the safe shelter of the surrounding woods. But, when peace is disturbed by the only human she lives, Willow must face violence to protect her peaceful guardians.
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All That Was Left

Today was an unusual day in itself. A day for goodbyes, for moving on, for letting go.
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Lester The Lugubrious

All Lester wants is to be good. Too bad he's a villain.
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The Flight

Liz's daydreams are the only way she gets through a job that's literally killing her. Maybe one day they'll be more than dreams.
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A Dish Best Served Canned

David's plan for stealing from an old woman makes Liza uneasy. When her allegiance to David is put to the test, she must decide where her loyalties lie.
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The Disavowed Agent

The mission? Find his secret agent father and join him in his new life. But, when the time comes to complete his mission, reality may be too much to handle for young Noah.
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Take Flight

I almost missed my chance at death because I was not looking for him. No one was.
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Yesterday’s Goodbye

Old stories, and old loves, stay with like scars. Sometimes, until the very end.
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The Forgotten

Liz tried to avoid trouble while running from her past. Until she needs to help someone escape the same past.
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The shadows that live on the edge of our nightmares always find us.
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The Spy Across The Street

Penny's life revolves around the comings and goings of the tailor shop across the street. When her movements are discovered, everything will change.
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Celebrity is Murder

Sometimes, the pressures of fame can get to be too much.
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The Roles Women Are Forced To Play

A newly married housewife in the 1950's laments what she's given up for marriage, and discovers a book that may help her get it back.
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The Swamp

Some kids are afraid of what lurks in the dark. Maybe what lurks in the dark should be afraid of some kids.
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Letting Go

How do you let go of someone who is already gone?
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The Lender

Sometimes you make a deal with the devil. And sometimes the devil shows up to collect.
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The Duplicate

The Duplicates are clones created with the sole purpose of serving men. Trudy has decided she's had enough.
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Finding Sam

Michael takes a cooking class to meet women. The woman he needs his help to answer a ten-year-old question.
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The Final Light

A young woman seeks comfort in an unlikely place, with an unlikely friend.
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The Angels Inside Me

Tonight, I stopped fighting with the Angels inside me. Tonight, I will answer their call.
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Time To Go Home

Every college town has a staple drunk. Sometimes, that drunk has a secret.
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!
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