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Give a Forever Kind of Gift

I am the author of two books of super short fiction and I want to use my passion and talents to help you create a personalized story for someone special in your life. All you have to do is give me some information about that person and some details you’d love to see included, and I’ll write a story as unique as your loved one.

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Need to Know More? Let Me Explain...


Want to give a personalized story for Christmas? Order soon to get yours on time.

What Does a Personalized Story Look Like?

Here's an example of a story written from Brandon to his mom. 


“I want you to know I treasure the piece you wrote that Brandon gave me for Christmas. I keep it on my nightstand and read random paragraphs when the spirit moves me. It’s written so well and really touched my heart.”

                                                                      - J.G.

Why a (Personal) Snack Sized Story?

According to Kayla, who ordered a story for her fiancé, it's a forever kind of gift. 

It was perfect. When I presented it to my fiancee, he absolutely loved it! He was teary-eyed. I gave him it in front of family or he would have fully cried. At least that is what he secretly texted me later. Chuckled a couple of times. Smiled throughout. She created something priceless and special to us. A forever kind of gift.”  K.G. 

When Do You Need a Personalized Story?


When a card just won't do share a birth story or a funny memory.


Do NOT get her something she needs this year. Get something she'll tresure forever.


When a couple commits to spending forever together, celebrate with a gift they'll treasure forever. 


Stray from the registry or tell your new spouse how much you love them. 


The right story can mark an occasion and give just the right motivation. 

"Just Because"

Just say, "I love you," I care about you," or "I'm here for you." 

How It Works

It's easy to give a forever kind of gift

Choose a Package

Choose from a story delivered as a document, a storybook, or an illustrated storybook. See options below.

Give some background

Share details, stories, and information about your loved on or the story you want to share (don't worry, we'll ask questions to help!).

Share the Love

Give a truly one-of-a-kind gift as unique as the people you love.

Three Options. Infinite Joy.

Three Ways To Give The Perfect Gift

Just the Story


A custom story, written for a loved one. You get a digital copy of the story in PDF, Google Docs, or Word. 

A Custom Book


A custom story, written for a loved one. You get the story in an 8"x8" hardcover book that you can give as a gift.

A Custom, Illustrated Book


A custom story, written for a loved one.
You get an 8"x8" illustrated hardcover book that you can give as a gift. The illustrations will be customized for your story.

You may be wondering...

That's ok! When you sign up, you'll get a little questionnaire to get you started, and then I'll reach out for even more details. This is what I do and we'll figure it out together. 

To make sure I can deliver quality stories in a reasonable amount of time, the stories will usually be no longer than 1,000 words. 

Of course! The pricing includes a few rounds of edits. I want you and your loved one to be SO HAPPY with your story. 

Delivery time will all depend on the package you choose and the time of year. If you have a deadline (like Christmas or a birthday) and are getting an illustrated book please let me know and allow up to 3 weeks for delivery. 

Unlimited Stories. Digital Versions of Allison's Books. Forever. Just $19.99