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A masterclass not only in flash fiction, but also engaging and intriguing stories completely told in bite-sized morsels
Dirk Manning
Nightmare World, Tales of Mr. Rhee

Perfect for anyone with a slightly twisted sense of humor and a finely tuned sense of irony.
Erin Bartels
We Hope for Better Things

Twists and turns and thought-provoking tales, you'll want to keep reading to see what's in store for you next.
K. Lynn Smith
Plume, For Goodness Sake

Sarah’s House

By Allison Spooner | May 5, 2020

From the moment her tiny legs could carry her from the big house across the expanse of green grass and up the gravel path toward my […]

A Pest Problem

By Allison Spooner | January 26, 2020

“It’s moving?”
“What is?”
A couple’s nightly routine is disturbed by curious noises.


By Allison Spooner | January 26, 2020

Sometimes, you’ll do anything to be free.

The Halfway House

By Allison Spooner | January 25, 2020

Pearl lives between two worlds. Together, she and her father help others trying to get from this world to the next.

All That Was Left

By Allison Spooner | January 25, 2020

Today was an unusual day in itself. A day for goodbyes, for moving on, for letting go.


By Allison Spooner | January 25, 2020

If only it had been oil.


By Allison Spooner | January 25, 2020

The shadows that live on the edge of our nightmares always find us.

Celebrity is Murder

By Allison Spooner | January 25, 2020

Sometimes, the pressures of fame can get to be too much.

The Swamp

By Allison Spooner | January 25, 2020

Some kids are afraid of what lurks in the dark. Maybe what lurks in the dark should be afraid of some kids.

The Lender

By Allison Spooner | January 25, 2020

Sometimes you make a deal with the devil. And sometimes the devil shows up to collect.

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Allison Spooner

Allison Spooner brings worlds, characters, and stories to life in just a few words. In the last two years, she's published two books of short fiction; Flash in the Dark: A Collection of Flash Fiction and The Problem With Humans: And Other Stories. Allison’s writing crosses genres and has been compared to The Twilight Zone and Harlon Ellison.

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