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Books by Allison Spooner

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Flash in the Dark

Like stepping off a stair you didn’t realize was there, the stories in this collection of flash fiction offer stomach flips, sudden jolts, and quick bursts of terror.

From a relentless mind control device, vengeful actresses and quirky time travelers, to a future where our clones are our slaves, these stories are flashes of fiction that teeter between dark and light. In this collection, you’ll find creatures that dance on the edge of the darkness and tales that shine a little bit of light into the shadows.

Find a moment from your day to relish in that balance. Pick up this book, step off that stair, and let your imagination explore the creepy corners found in Flash in the Dark.

The Problem with Humans

In her first book, “Flash in the Dark: A Collection of Flash Fiction,” Allison Spooner offered stories that teetered between dark and light.

Her second collection contains brief glimpses into the moments that make humans...well, human. Spooner’s stories have been called “unique works of art,” “brilliant, disturbing, and thought-provoking,” and her last book a “truly fantastic collection of short stories.”

In her second collection, she offers something for both lovers of humanity and those who are entirely fed up. From deadly mistakes and crass crimes to the sweet moments that once again give us faith in humanity, the stories in this collection will both break your heart and make you smile.


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